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Busby & Goodfellows

The Little Barber Shop

When these two first met, it would be fanciful to talk of fate or destiny in the manner of, say, Lennon & McCartney’s first meeting or the colliding of stars that ended up as Morecambe & Wise. A Yin finding its Yang? Hardly. When two barbers meet it will never be an inter-galactic encounter, but when two blokes meet – two blokes who happen to be men of hair – it can be said that chords were struck and the humour was unanimous.  Busby is likely to tell you that Harry stalked him. Goodfellow claims he was head-hunted by Luke, and the general piss-take between them tells the story.

The Little Barber Shop had long established the core values that formed the common ground of their inevitable partnership; a professional cut and service; a good experience where the customer is a welcome visitor, and a lively banter, or not.  Customer first; a perfect cut takes time. The only problem in moving to their spacious prime site was in keeping the atmosphere so key to The Little Barber Shop’s success; personality with the odd quirk. And a game of shut-the-box if you have the time.  And not forgetting.. Something for the weekend, Sir? We are a Gentlemen’s barbers after all.

A quick visit to The Luke Busby Museum of Curiosities Ancient and Modern, (who collects barbers chairs? Where else do you find a 50’s Cash Register?) Add a dartboard, and the transition is almost seamless. The chair space remains personal, the experience as leisurely, the coffee is improving, and Busby & Goodfellow await their next customer.  Conversation between the two of them can range from the banal to the bizarre, both are school-boy competitive and in between, fully satisfied customers get a first-class cut and a less qualified counsel.  And the tunes of the day, though you’ll have to decide which day.  Busby and Goodfellow at your service. Just don’t ask them who’s best.

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